Data Tagging & Categorization

Clean up raw data by assigning relevant tags, keywords and categories according to your specifications

Supports 100s of classes

Well-designed tools to support large number of classes of interest.

Guaranteed Precision

Consensus models to verify all annotations for label accuracy & annotation perfection.


Recursive checks from multiple users to detect all the objects of interest in the frame.

What we can do

Our robust data preparation platform allows us to enrich, tag and label different data points accurately

Data Tagging

Tag relevant keywords to products to improve your recommendation engine

Keyword attribution

Define attributes of products for better filtering and search relevance

Data categorization

Organize image or text into categories to better understand your data

Relevant industries

These are the type of companies that we have worked with to enrich their data

Retail & e-commerce

We work with both online and offline retailers to improve your app’s image search functions or streamline inventory management so that store shelves always stay well-stocked.

Social listening

Teach machines to understand what the public is saying about your brand by running sentiment tagging projects via our data annotation platform.

This Is Why

We Should Work Together


We understand that information security is a key concern, especially in an industry as niche as artificial intelligence. That’s why we have designed a system that involves multiple layers of security checks to take place, manually and automatically.


Garbage in, garbage out. The accuracy of our results is the forefront of our work because we know how important it is to the solutions that you develop for your users and clients. We always aim to deliver highly accurate datasets with a combination of automated quality control features and a human intelligence team that is hand-picked and fully managed.

Domain knowledge

We have worked with machine learning teams who are building solutions for companies across a variety of industries.This is especially helpful in improving search relevance and discoverability of products. Our diverse community of workers have the combined experience across 50 industries, from fashion to furniture to fast moving consumer goods (FCMG).

Happy Stories

My working experience at Assignments Source has been different than other online jobs, it feels like one big family! I also enjoy that the different projects allow me to continuously learn new things.

Evelyn Jimenez


As Assignments Source worker means that I get to stay home and take care of my new born baby while earning a side income and work with all different types of jobs and companies!

Debra Peters


What I like most about being an Assignments Source worker is the opportunity to work flexible hours. As long as I pay attention to the results and get my work done, it doesn’t matter if I start at AM or noon…

Mark Chang


A laptop and a stable Internet connection is all you need.

The only way to find out if we’re as good as our clients say we are is by setting up a free trial.
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