Give online shoppers an exceptional shopping experience with better recommendations, search relevance and accurate product detection

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Our robust data preparation platform allows us to enrich, tag and label different data points accurately

Product recognition

Teach computer vision systems to recognize products in images that have been uploaded onto an e-commerce platform

Search relevance

Give online shoppers exactly what they’re looking for and drive sales by ensuring that your products are labeled and categorized accurately

Sentiment analysis

Accurate tag and label the sentiments of user-generated content such as comments, reviews or feedback in major languages including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog and Chinese

Recommendation systems

Increase sales and basket size by refining the reliability and accuracy of your product recommendation algorithm with product tagging and categorization

The Assignment Source advantage

Process takes precedence

Sentiment analysis and data tagging can be subjective tasks. Distributing the work to a large pool of people requires streamlining workflows so that it can be done accurately and efficiently. Clients love the effort that we put into coming up with solutions and designing workflows that provide end-to-end clarity and quality.


Expecting a surge of retail activity around the festive season? No problem! We can provide 24/7 support that delivers almost real-time results back to your team. Our workforce also grows seamlessly with your business, accommodating to high volumes without sacrificing speed or quality.

Multi-lingual support

Our diverse workforce means that we can execute work in multiple Asian languages including English, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese (simplified & traditional). Speak to us about your language requirements to get a complete understanding of our language capabilities.

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