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We built our own image annotation tool so we can give your project various degrees of customizations and high levels of quality at scale

Customizable workflows

No two clients are the same. We create workflows for each client based on their annotation requirements to ensure that we get quality and speed. Workflows vary depending on project volume, annotation types, number of attributes per annotation and size of each image.

Quality at every step

Quality starts even before the project goes live. Each person assigned to work on the data is required to go through our tutorial platform that will test their comprehension of the instructions. We also use ground truth with intersection over union (IoU) to check the accuracy of an agent’s work in real-time.

User-centric design

Annotator’s functionality was designed with the end-user in mind to give us high quality work at speed.

Features like shortcut keys, minimum bounding box restrictions and a smooth user interface contribute to enhancing the agent’s experience while using the tool.

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