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Dedicated quality assurance processes at every layer of our workflow ensures that producing high quality output is second nature to us

Why Choose Us

Unparalleled collaboration

Clients love Assignment Source for the amazing levels of service that they receive. To us, quality goes beyond the projects that we work on and our highhly communicative team works with yours every step of the way from planning a workflow to solutioning. Each account gets a dedicated servicing team that consists of a BizOps Manager and an Account Manager. Their objective is to seek to understand your project as well as you do, and realize the impact of high quality data on your business, so that we deliver what you need and more.

Ground truth

We statistically deliver tasks with known answers to our Agents as they work on a live project. This gives BizOps Managers the ability to check the accuracy of the project in real-time. For projects that involved image annotation, intersection over union (IoU) is used to evaluate the aAgent's accuracy over the Ground Truth set of annotations.

Pre-launch training

Assignment Source Tutorial is a customizable feature that allows BizOps Managers to break down complex instructions into clear, step-by-step concepts. It's built into our image and data annotation tools, and forces all Agents to test their comprehension of the project's instructions before they start working. This layer of quality assurance also lets your project's BizOps Manager check the clarity of the instructions and make changes quickly without affecting the accuracy of the work.

Happy Stories

My working experience at Assignment Source has been different than other online jobs, it feels like one big family! I also enjoy that the different projects allow me to continuously learn new things.

Evelyn Jimenez

Being an Assignment Source worker means that I get to stay home and take care of my new born baby while earning a side income and work with all different types of jobs and companies!

Debra Peters

What I like most about being an Assignment Source worker is the opportunity to work flexible hours. As long as I pay attention to the results and get my work done, it doesn’t matter if I start at AM or noon…

Mark Chang


A laptop and a stable Internet connection is all you need.

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