Secure project execution

Non-negotiable security features make sure that everything is protected from our human intelligence to the products that enable them to do what they do best

The Assignment Source advantage

Our Task Console is a secure tasking platform which hosts a library of workflows that are built for efficiency and infinite scalability

Data slicing

When it comes to working on projects with sensitive data, we use vertical and horizontal slicing so that information remains confidential. This controls the amount of information that each individual is able to view, making it almost impossible for anyone to do anything with it that’s outside of the project’s scope.


Keep your system’s backend away from unwanted eyes. Send relevant tasks over by seamlessly integrating with Task Console via a modern API workflow. Microtasks are automatically distributed to assigned Agents and only a dedicated Business Solution Consultant has a complete overview of the entire project at all times.

Audit log

We track every digital footstep on Task Console, giving us visibility over the Agents assigned to your project as they complete microtasks. This full transparency of all activity on the platform allows our team to act fast, identifying and removing any threats almost immediately in the event of a security breach.

Secure human intelligence

Our Workplace is an enterprise management platform that automates operations processes while keeping client and Agent data secure


Compartmentalization limits the amount of information that is displayed to the Agents. Your information is kept confidential unless it is necessary to the project’s execution and only if consent has been given.

Access to each project brief is also managed by Business Solution Consultants in order to prevent data leakages

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

All Agents are required to sign an NDA and submit official identification as part of our verification checks.

We do not accept any other documentation as proof of identity. We also have a dedicated team that puts every Agent application through multiple layers of security checks before granting approval.

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We understand that keeping your data secure is important regardless of which country or industry you’re from. Therefore, we have made your security at ASource our top priority.

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